Getting your extensions Radiant 0.7-ready

Here's an overview of the problems i encountered and fixed when moving to Radiant 0.7-RC1;

Putting the 'rest' in RESTful

Radiant has been refactored to better comply with the REST principles. This may cause several errors, all of which are easily fixed.

uninitialized constant Admin::PageController

This is a direct result of the PageController being renamed to PagesController. Typically, extensions call Radiant's controllers in the "activate" method of the extension's initializing file. For example:

Admin::PageController.send :include, ReorderPageControllerExtensions

The fix is obvious and easy; just replace 'PageController' with 'PagesController'. Same goes for SnippetsController, LayoutsController, or any of the other controllers that the offending extension is sending stuff to.

Next up; getting your views back in line. When an extension is adding regions to the admin UI, those will probably not show up, and throw a "default partial not found!" error instead. The fix is again very straightforward; simply rename the folder that holds the partials. For example, move 'app/views/page/' to 'app/views/pages/'.

I am in no way responsible for any sillyness going on below this line:

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Thanks! Just what I needed for FCKEDITOR in Radiant 0.7.

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Benny, I had the same problem and thanks to your post I was able to install the fckeditor. But the funny thing is when I choose the filter nothing happens. I moved the folder from /page to /pages too to remove the “default partial not found!” error, but still the fckeditor bar is not appearing at all! You have an idea what might be happening? Thanks

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Hey, I’m back since I found what the problem was.

Open the file: views/admin/pages/_editor_control.html.erb

the content would be:

<%= javascript_tag(“Event.observe(window,’load’,function(){instantiateFCKEditor(#{@index})}); Event.observe($(‘part_#{@index}_filter_id’),’change’,function(){toggleEditor(#{@index})});”) %>

@index should be replaced by

and the second and third javascript variables are missing ’’ for the function calls.

so at the end the content of the code would be:

<%= javascript_tag(“Event.observe(window,’load’,function(){instantiateFCKEditor(’#{}’)}); Event.observe($(‘part_#{}_filter_id’),’change’,function(){toggleEditor(’#{}’)});”) %>

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Great job! I’m going to bookmark your blog as it appeals like you are damn good guy! =)

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lol.. i’m surprised to see these comments. this blog wasn’t even really launched yet.. still kind of waiting for my designer colleague to iron out some last wrinkles.

thanks for the compliments though, good motivation to keep this going!

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Working on it!

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