Getting into Rails?

This article is for those of you that still need to explore the Ruby and Rails playing ground. It’s not a Rails tutorial, but more like an overview of resources and other stuff you should know about.

Being as young as Ruby and Rails are, it’s normal you don’t have the same amount of supportive resources like you have for, say, PHP . A lot of goodies are scattered over blogs, but there’s some things we should all know about;

Agile Web Development with Rails

I think it’s safe to consider AWDwR the Rails Bible. It has a very thorough rails tutorial to get you started, and is a great reference after that.


Peepcode delivers long (90mins is not exceptional) screencasts about hot topics like rspec, ajax, RESTful development, and also rails from scratch. These cost 9 dollars per episode, but, well, saying they’re worth it would be quite an understatement.


Railscasts offer screencasts with the same quality of peepcode, for free! Ryan Bates weekly tackles a new rails topic for you in episodes of 5 to 15 minutes. Gold!

Other resources

Another (relaxed) screencast source is over at You might know railsenvy from their Apple parody commercials Rails vs ... Recently they also started a podcast to keep everybody up to date on Ruby and Rails. Some more feeds to follow up on:


If you have been blessed with a Mac, you should definitely check out Textmate. The better you get to know it, the more amazing your productivity rate. Oh, and all the cool kids use it too.

You might or might not have worked with versioning control software, but if you’re getting into rails, there’ll be pretty much no way around it. (Mostly) Subversion is often used to provide access to plugins and the like. If you’re new to VCS , bite trough, it’s well worth it. Also very commonly used is Capistrano, which helps you in deploying your application from your subversion repository to the web.

As said, there are loads of other blogposts out there that cover A to Z, but this should get you well started. Now go forth and kick ass soldier!

In a reading mood?

I am in no way responsible for any sillyness going on below this line:

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One more thing;

Sitepoint has released a book on Ruby on Rails. I must confess though that I haven’t got the time to check it out yet. In my PHP days i’ve learned a lot from sitepoint, so I presume it will be good..

The book is still available as a free download for 5 more days.

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